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PayMe from Celtrino

early payment in 2 clicks

Easily eliminate your cash flow conundrums with “PayMe” the early invoice payment solution

Businesses face a common issue when it comes to their cash flow – they often have a short window to pay their invoices, while the companies they supply may not pay their invoices for months. This presents a problem when it comes to getting the working capital they need to operate and grow. That’s when early payment enters the picture.

Early payment is a way to shorten the time between when you issue an invoice and get paid for it. While it can traditionally take up to 90- days to get paid, with early payment, a third party purchases the invoice and you get your cash in a matter of days. You’ll receive approximately 80 – 85 % of the face value of the invoice upfront and get the balance (less fees and discount charges) when the invoice is settled by the buyer.

More and more business owners and their advisers are becoming aware of the benefits that Invoice Discounting can bring.  As well as providing companies with a reliable source of cashflow, it gives business owners the confidence and the capital they need to expand efficiently and react quickly to market conditions and opportunities. As increasing numbers of business owners realise that they can maximise their cashflow by leveraging their debtors’ ledger, it’s no surprise that Invoice Discounting is growing into a mainstream funding option.

Watch how easily the process works by clicking on the play button below:

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SEPA & EDI Invoicing

SEPA Direct Debit Business to Business Scheme

SEPA on the keyboardThe imminent arrival of SEPA based direct debits into the Irish landscape has highlighted 2 distinct business risks for B2B suppliers. At present Irish B2B customers are afforded the same rights as B2C customers. This is due to the fact that no Irish banks have currently registered for the SEPA Direct Debit Business to Business Scheme leaving the SEPA Core Scheme as business’ only option. This means that a B2B customer currently paying by direct debit can now recall an authorised payment anytime up to 8 weeks after the payment date without having to give a reason for the recall. This has the potential to cause havoc with supplier cash flows and seriously jeopardise the viability of some suppliers.

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New Directive Looking to Standardise e-Invoicing Across the EU

The European Commission has released a draft directive on e-Invoicing in public procurement that communicates its vision to fully digitalise by 2020.

Digital Agenda for Europe



This directive is part of the Digital Agenda for Europe initiative, which is a pillar of the EU 2020 strategy. EU 2020 is a growth strategy that is trying to ensure the EU remains one of the major players in global sustainable business and make sure that the European economies emerge from recession stronger than ever and more unified. This Digital Agenda initiative is looking to boost the EU economy by harnessing digital technologies and maximising their growth potential within the member state economies. By creating smart economies the EU is looking to take advantage of growth opportunities that technology is offering in a digital age.

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Mexico & Italy Making e-Invoicing Mandatory in 2014

e-Invoicing to become the standard for conducting business

From the first of January 2014 the Mexican government will demand that invoices are sent electronically for all commercial transactions. This follows a worldwide trend of governments enforcing electronic invoicing as the standard way of conducting business.



Worldwide reports consistently illustrate the growth of e-Invoicing. e-Invoicing is not new to Mexico, they have had it for the last seven years, but with the proposed legislation it will become mandatory to send e-invoices as a receipt of all business transactions. The law will affect any company that earns $20,000 or more annually and will come into effect on January 1st 2014. Companies that don’t comply with the legislation will be subject to heavy penalties and could face criminal fraud charges. The announcement of the legislation has meant a major scramble by companies to prepare themselves and their back office systems for the January deadline.

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e-Invoicing is a Must Have Solution According to New Billentis Report 2013

e-Invoicing is critical for business viability according to the new Billentis Report sponsored by Celtrino

New Billentis e-Invoicing/e-Billing Report identifies savings of up to 80% for companies that switch from a traditional paper based system to an automated electronic system.

This report illustrates how e-invoicing allows a company to optimise its’ finances and stand out from the competition.

What you will learn from reading the report:

  • How to improve invoice management in the supply chain
  • The business case for invoice sender and receiver
  • The cost reductions for both sender and receiver
  • Success factors for e-Invoicing/e-Billing projects
  • An analysis of today’s e-Invoicing/e-Billing market


Download the Billentis Report now to see why e-Invoicing/e-Billing is a must have solution!

If you would like us to show you how e-Invoicing can benefit your company contact us on +353 1 873 99 00 or email

e-Invoicing Will Give You the Edge Over Your Competition

The new Billentis report illustrates why e-Invoicing is a critical solution for businesses looking to streamline their processes, maximise their opportunities and differentiate themselves from the competition.

The proven benefits of e-Invoicing are making it the solution of choice for businesses; the report shows that businesses that have automated their processes are taking advantage of huge savings and giving themselves a competitive edge in their industry. Bruno Koch highlights the savings that can be made in the report and gives practical advice about how to implement such a solution.

From our internal research we have found that the biggest challenge facing businesses is the high cost of processing paper invoices. Cutting costs remains a major priority for all businesses and the Billentis report highlights how e-Invoicing can do that while also improving your customer’s satisfaction.

Below are two diagrams that illustrate the potential savings to the sender and recipient of an electronic invoice. Receiving and processing an invoice is an expensive practice for businesses and Koch has broken down the substantial savings that can be made at both ends.

Invoice sender potential savings diagram - Billentis Report 2013

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Earth Day: Be Part of the e-Solution to Climate Change

Is your company doing its bit for the environment?

Mother EarthIf you have automated your invoice processes and eliminated the paper trail from your business then you are and well done! By switching from a manual paper-based system to an electronic delivery system, you are not only saving money and gaining a competitive edge in your industry but you are also lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

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Billentis: 2013 e-Invoicing & e-Billing Forecast by Bruno Koch

Recently Billentis published their “E-Billing/E-Invoicing: International Overview & Forecast” for 2013, which was carried out by market analyst and e-Billing expert, Bruno Koch.

Koch’s forecast for e-Invoicing and e-Billing in 2013 is upbeat; it is seen as one of the major areas of growth for the European economy. He’s estimated that the service provider community will generate an e-Billing/e-Invoicing turnover of about €1.7 Billion.

e-Billing/e-Invoicing Forecast for 2013 by Bruno Koch

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Ken Halpin Talking About PEPPOL Project for The Public Sector Magazine

Read here Celtrino’s Managing Director Ken Halpin discussing his views on the PEPPOL pilot project that Celtrino are running with the HSE. This public procurement project is being run in conjunction with the European Commission using the PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) initiative which looks to streamline processes in the public sector through e-Invoicing to facilitate greater cross border commerce among EU member states. Minister for State for Public Service Reform Brian Hayes knows that there are huge efficiency savings to be made by adopting e-Invoicing as a standard across the public sector.

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Paperless Office Solutions

Celtrino is on an eco-drive with its paperless office solutions.

Your company will boost your productivity and increase efficiency by using our e-Billing or e-Invoicing solutions.

Read about our ‘No Paper In, No Paper Out’ office solution featured in the AB Magazine and contact us to explore this cost savings option.